Mission Statement

Maybell Women’s Club is a community service organization that works to maintain and improve our small rural community. Efforts are made to assist community members when needed and improve the community in which we live. We have many service projects for the betterment of the community.

From its conception in 1911 the Maybell Women’s Club, a group of area women has been a positive force in the improvement of their community. The school, the town park, the library, and the cemetery are all projects that were either begun or enhanced over the years by this group of women volunteering to improve and maintain their community. Over the years the Maybell Women’s Club has been known as the Goodwill Club, The Young Homemakers, the Community Club and known for the last 50 years as the Maybell Women’s Club. Whatever the name it has, it’s always been a club with a consistent desire to make Maybell a better place to live for over a hundred years.

The Maybell Women’s Club continues to be active in the community. One of our most appreciated functions is hosting funeral dinners for local families. We also raise money for our Fire Department, pay for field trips for the local school children, and contribute money to our local library. We provide candy sacks for Santa’s visit at our school Christmas Program.