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Maybell, Colorado
Founded; 1884
Population: 72
About Us

Where in the world is Maybell, CO?

You may be wondering Where In The World Maybell is. Well, we are located in the Northwest corner of Colorado off Highway 40. What makes us stand out is our yearly Horse Drive offered by the Sombrero RanchWhere the West is still wild, and real cowboys roam. Maybell has a lot to offer in the form of simplicity. Here, children in grades K-5, learn together in a one-room schoolhouse and take part in the Colorado SOLE program.

During summer months, visitors come here to play on the Yampa and Green Rivers. They also enjoy Maybell as a gateway to Sandwash Basin, Irish Canyon, Browns Park, and Dinosaur National Monument. During the hunting season, our normal population of 75 nearly triples, when Maybell becomes home away from home to hunters.

Every May, during Maybell Heritage Days, you will find 600-800 horses held up in the middle of town, during the largest horse drive in North America. People come from all over the world to participate in the 60-year-old tradition, keeping the cowboy spirit alive and kicking.

Whatever type of adventure you are looking to have in the Wild West, your adventure starts here. Please click on the tabs for more information.

Maybell, Colorado